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We are one

Posted by Dave Barry on May 21, 2011 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)
On Christmas morning, 2010, I proposed ...and she said yes. We began to plan for a September wedding, but when the time was truly right for us, we did not hesitate, but heeded our calling to each other, and in an eloping fashion, we were wed. That was 4/22/11 is now about a month later, and about a month before our reception when we will celebrate with friends and family. Every day I am richer and living better to be joined with Mrs. Tammy Barry. There may have been pain in our pasts, but joy has come with the morning of our new lives together.

Unexpected Blessings

Posted by Dave Barry on September 8, 2010 at 8:12 PM Comments comments (0)

It amazes me the miracles that come our way when we wait upon the Lord - He never fails us.  I don't regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it - but oh how my Lord has blessed me!!  I had prayed that I find a good match in a future love - sometimes I was specific - He met every point I asked for and quite a few I'd not thought of...and this new love is greater than I could ask for.

I've met a most wonderful woman named Tammy.  We both have a heart for God and an understanding of ourselves and each other - the ways we compliment each other, the ways we are not the same - and our pasts and futures and personalities dance with grace and passion and adventure - but we are also so at ease for all our similarities, spiritual, physical and in lifestyle.  And there is so much more to explore of each other!

I've not blogged for awhile, but this - this must be added here.  This must be shared.  This is an amazing miracle - and a blessing unexpected.

Spiritual Politicking

Posted by Dave Barry on June 21, 2010 at 12:37 AM Comments comments (0)

Okay, I'm venturing into waters not uncharted, not even unvisited by yours truly - but not traversed for some time.  

Op Ed

The blank canvass of opinion - that window to the collective thoughts and feelings, the building blocks of my individuality (most of which I've picked up from others who've sold it to me...either directly, indirectly, or by example).

Political correctness is out the window here with this post, especially since the gist of it is anti-political-correctness (which I am assured by God is His/Her position as well).  God blessed the broken road we're on, not because we erected our stained glass masquerades.

Rob Bell wrote in Velvet Elvis that "truth is everywhere and open to everyone" - it often exists among good natured deniers of Jesus (and anything to do with the Bible) - just as it is often lacking in Bible-thumping evangelists.  Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with sharing the gospel and leading others to awaken to the reality of Jesus being everywhere and everywhen - but just because one evangelizes doesn't mean they are doing so honestly or with honorable intentions (or following those leading them to evangelize out of love and compassion).  But nor, just because one evangelizes, is he or she doing so dishonestly or with any intention of manipulation or coercion - some honestly believe they know God and He/She has guided them to go to others (sometimes specifically, sometimes more generally) and share the "good news" of the gospel.  They share their faith in God out of love, out of compassion, out of obedience to a higher spiritual awareness that they respect and trust.

Let me give you an example of the seeming paradox in me (I call it a paradox because I see truth in what supposed opposite sides of issues tout):

Today I went to my 1st service at a Mormon church...and guess what?  It was okay for me not to buy into everything that was said - I could still be enriched by some of the rituals and the teachings offered, still worship the Lord honestly and from the heart - and I wasn't swallowed up into some weird cult.  I don't think I'm a very good fit for their congregation, but I'll probably go back a time or two in the future.  I may not believe in the heirarchy of their church, but I don't know that it isn't exactly what some of their membership needs and wants - and who am I to divert them from that?  If evangelizing is part of their practice, so be it - they do it out of their own understanding of what it is to follow Christ and meet their community with love.  They may overemphasize works, but if that's what drives them, if that's what turns them on and helps them to feel like they're moving forward in their faith, God bless every act of good they do.

On the other hand, take homosexuality - I don't believe God's really against that. I believe it was written in the Bible to shed light on the promiscuity and loveless fornication that had become way too normal in the times and places where characters in the Bible bring up the topic of men laying with men.  I truly believe, after prayer and meditation, that when two men or two women join together out of love and with commitment, with respect and care and concern and empowerment - even when that couple adopts or otherwise conceives of a child or children and raise them to be healthy, happy and successful adults - God honors such living.  Especially if those people know Jesus and revere Him and praise Him and have a relationship with Him.  Even homosexuals can live God's most precious of commands, to honor Him above all other gods and to love each other and their neighbors as themselves.

Homosexuality is not the sin, lovelessness is the sin - and lovelessness occurs in heterosexuals as much as homosexuals - and THAT is what we need to help each other overcome - THAT is the sin we need to bring out of darkness and bring love and light to.

We are equally God's children - equally lovable - equally forgivable - equally responsible to God, to ourselves and to each other.

And so I continue to love as much as I can.  Both genders, every age, every race or nationality, every sexual orientation, every profession or non-employed, whether housed or homeless, and of every level of mental and emotional capacity...and most of the time I miss the mark - but I'm open to the command handed me by God and I maintain faith in His/Her promise that it is possible.

Inasmuch as I feel like I am called to correct my brothers and sisters, I consider it an honor and a privilege and a sacred duty - but I will not be your judge or your police and as much as I cannot see harm coming to others, I will not tell you how to live or what to believe or how to express your beliefs.  I stand by this rant - and I say, unapologetically, God bless every reader of it and all who know you and all who know them (ad infinitum).


Why this site?

Posted by Dave Barry on June 7, 2010 at 12:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Ya know...I don't know. 


A friend (and Pastor) recently asked me what my goal is for this site - I was stumped.  I hadn't thought of a goal.  Definitely to share my two favorites: my family and my faith.  Maybe to lay claim to a sort of brand name (I hope if that's the case, ultimately it's used for good).  I think of TobyMac's lyrics: "I pray that I'm an artist who rises above the road that is wide and filled with self love" - because as he continues, "Everything that I see draws me, though it's only in [God] that I can truly see that it's a feast for the eyes, a low blow to purpose, and I'm a little kid at a three ring circus",


I hope that this site is not just self-glorification.  I guess I want to express myself, while at the same time giving folks a sort of portal to learning and growing themselves and effecting positive change in conjunction with others.  To be enriched by some of the things that have moved me (as I add things) and to connect through the links I list here.  And maybe to just take a break from things, play one of the games I add.


You can also network with other members here (although you could do that through pretty much any social site, and probably more effectively) -


...well there it is.  I don't really know why.  But maybe we can all discover that together.




- Dave -

Finally starting this Blog

Posted by Dave Barry on June 5, 2010 at 8:13 PM Comments comments (0)

No time like the present!  To get it going, I'm going to post a couple "Notes" from my Facebook account.


A song I wrote (though it hasn't been put to music yet):


Amplify the Brilliance


Grace is what we get when it's what we give

Replacing mistakes is our inspiration in the way that we live

We forgive but we don't forget, we move on a little wiser, our hearts grown wider


Father God we wake to you alive in us

Every day your Way we must relay in the way that we portray our day to day


Glory to the Most on High

Every day we celebrate

By and by we try

Imaginate your Magistrate


Glory in the love we share

With your love in our heartstring

We care and dare

To amplify the brilliance you bring


You give us the strength to go the length, you give us the love we extend

Paying it forward your Biblical charge, our hearts enlarge 'till our love of neighbor's unforced or pretended


Glory to the Most on High

Every day we celebrate

By and by we try

Imaginate your Magistrate


Glory in the love we share

With your love in our heartstring

We care and dare

To amplify the brilliance you bring



and a poem that I heard in that movie "Invictus" (also the name of a poem) - which was about Nelson Mendela (played by Morgan Freeman) and the coach of a South African rugby team (played by Matt Damon) - the poem was purportedly one of the sentiments that kept Mandela spiritually strong through his 27 years of incarceration.


"Invictus" - by William Ernest Henry


Out of the night that covers me,

black as the Pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

for my unconquerable soul.


In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

my head is bloody, but unbowed.


Beyond this place of wrath and tears

looms but the horror of the shade,

and yet the menace of the years finds,

and shall find, me unafraid.


It matters not how strait the gate,

how charged with punishments the scroll.

I am the master of my fate;

I am the captain of my soul.



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